Meet Sonal Agarwal MS, RD


Sonal is a Registered Dietitian and New Jersey State Certified Nutritionist who is passionate about working with families and children find balance in eating with an integrative approach. Sonal has a MS in Nutrition Education from Columbia University, with extensive experience working at top hospitals and community programs. She has worked as a pediatric nutritionist at Rutgers specializing in GI disorders, weight management and eating disorders. She has gained extensive experience at NYU Langone hospital, NYP and Children's Hospital of New York. She brings in-depth knowledge and research-based diet solutions for various disease states, GI disorders, diabetes, weight management, menu planning and community nutrition. She believes that good eating begins with the collaborative effort with family members. Every child deserves a head start to a healthy life.

Sonal is founder of PNANJ. She enjoys running, cooking, eating, and sharing cool science facts and discussing Greek mythology with her children. 

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